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Instructor-led Courses

Course Name & Dates Offered

Real Estate Salesperson's Licensing Course
63 Hour Introduction to Real Estate Principles & Practices - Course I

63 hours & Exam $319.95 Outline Enroll

Real Estate Broker's Licensing Course
72 Hour Real Estate Principles & Practices - Course II

72 Hours & Exam $419.95 Outline Enroll

45 Hour Post-Licensing Education for Real Estate Sales Associates

45 hours
$179.95 Enroll

Florida Essentials of Real Estate Investment: 30-Hour Broker Post-Licensing Online Course

30 hours
$159.95 Enroll

Florida Real Estate Brokerage: A Management Guide, 30-Hour Post-Licensing Course Online

30 hours

Sales Associates Continuing Education
For Florida Real Estate Professionals Online Course

14 Hours $49.95 Outline Enroll

Brokers Continuing Education
For Florida Real Estate Professionals Online Course
14 Hours $49.95 Enroll

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