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Residential Sales Comparison and Income Approaches (R-9)

This 30-hour course is part of the Residential Appraisal Certification series.

It is part of the basic NYS Appraisal Licensure Certification Requirement.


Effective immediately, courses may be taken in any sequential order.

HP 12C or an equivalent calculator will be necessary to participate in class exercises & final course exam.


Program Overview -
The following topics will be covered:
  • Valuation Principles and Procedures - Sales Comparison Approach
  • Valuation Principles and Procedures - Income Approach
  • Finance and Cash Equivalency
  • Financial Calculator Introduction
  • Identification, Derivation and Measurement of Adjustments
  • Gross Rent Multipliers
  • Partial Interests
  • Reconciliation
  • Case Studies and Applications

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